SEABOTS guarantees safe and efficient navigation within ports and marinas. We offer precision seabed mapping, continuous environmental monitoring, and detailed structural assessments to facilitate optimal infrastructure maintenance.


Addressing the complexities of energy infrastructure inspection and maintenance, we deliver precise underwater data for monitoring pipelines and dams. Our solutions mitigate risks and lower operational costs effectively.

Smart Cities

We facilitate the seamless integration of coastal zones into smart urban planning by offering vital marine data. Our solutions contribute to effective disaster management and promote sustainable development initiatives.

Earth Observation

We offer critical underwater data for Earth observation, enhancing climate predictions and environmental monitoring. This is pivotal for adapting to climate change challenges.

Natural Capital

We specialize in quantifying and managing marine natural capital, offering vital data for biodiversity conservation and blue carbon analysis, crucial components for devising sustainable strategies.


Seabots delivers comprehensive solutions for aquaculture, conducting precise water and seabed quality analysis. Our aim is to optimize stock health and enhance the efficiency of aquaculture farms to their fullest potential.

Seabots Stats

Since our inception in 2019, SEABOTS has deployed over 40 Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) and conducted over 200 missions, effectively averting the emission of more than 800 tons of CO2. With a client base exceeding 100 across three continents, our company’s goal is providing hardware and software solutions for acquiring real-time data, enabling informed decision-making regarding ocean exploration and preservation with reliable and high-quality information.

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Deployed robots
Avoided CO2 Tons

They trust us

“Explore the continental shelf (300 m and shallower). Saildrone’s Voyager class comes equipped with the latest in multibeam echo sounder technology to meet a customer’s most stringent data collection.”


Pepe Botella Innovation Manager


Pepe Botella Innovation Manager


Pepe Botella Innovation Manager


Pepe Botella Innovation Manager


Pepe Botella Innovation Manager

R+D Projects

SEABOTS, through its high specialization in innovation, has been involved in over 15 R&D projects in the last five years, collaborating with both public and private entities across various countries. Among these projects are notable collaborations like AICharge, where SEABOTS and POWER INNOTECH partnered to promote electric charging for recreational boats using renewable energy sources. The initiative, running from November 2021 to August 2022, aimed to reduce reliance on fossil fuels by integrating AI and blockchain technologies into the charging process. This collaboration received funding from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism through the Next Generation program, highlighting its importance in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Another significant project involving SEABOTS is Galatea, part of the Galatea Blue Growth Accelerator program under Horizon 2020. SEABOTS contributed to the development of SEAiGRASS, a platform focused on maritime spatial planning to conserve oceanic posidonia meadows, essential habitats facing regression. Through this project, SEABOTS showcased its dedication to environmental conservation and technological advancement.

Inmerbot, initiated in 2022, aimed to improve underwater inspection robotics. SEABOTS collaborated with seven other Spanish tech firms, leveraging funding from the Next Generation EU funds to enhance drone technologies for underwater inspections, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and recovery efforts.

Moreover, SEABOTS played a pivotal role in the Ports4All project, conducting marine ecosystem restoration tasks at the Marina de Palamós. By employing advanced technologies like our USVs, SEABOTS facilitated the installation of marine regeneration systems, combating climate change and promoting sustainability in port infrastructures.

Additionally, SEABOTS contributed to environmental research by deploying microplastic-filtering buoys along the coasts of Catalonia and Valencia, illustrating its dedication to ocean health and awareness.

The culmination of these endeavors is exemplified in the Oasis Project, an initiative aimed at transforming ports into biodiversity hubs while combating climate change. Through the integration of regenerative biodiversity and data collection technologies, SEABOTS leads the charge towards sustainable and digitized port ecosystems, highlighting its pivotal role in the blue economy’s development.

Overall, SEABOTS’ commitment to oceanic research and innovation underscores its leadership in impactful and informative projects, emphasizing the importance of technological advancement in environmental conservation.

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